About Us


Our Idea about Food

What did you eat today?
Did you have a delicious, enjoyable, healthy meal?

As we all know, we are what we eat, and we eat to live. That is why it is very important to choose
carefully what and how we eat every day to stay young and healthy.

We are what we eat

Everyone knows that it is important to have a nutritionally balanced diet to stay healthy. But in today’s busy and modern society, people have a difficulty to keep their healthy eating habits. We wanted to rescue our condition of the body by supplying easy-to-take food-based supplements which are produced with natural material. With that idea, in 1977, we started as the corporation "Yazuya" in Japan.

Our idea about Health

Japan is well known for its longevity now.
"Stay healthy, young, and beautiful".
These are always our wishes to appreciate our long lives.

May your long life be filled with joy.

We consider keeping good health is a precious gift for a bright future of your life. Also, we believe that the only way to maintain your health is to have balanced diet every day.


Delivering health is not the only thing that we want to do. Supporting you to enjoy your life and fill your life with smiles is our mission.

Our Idea about Products

There is a phrase that we always hang along with our company name. “Only genuine food, directly to you” This represents our promise: we check all the raw material and process of the products, and we only introduce a genuine food which we want to pass onto our future.


We care if we want our product for ourselves, not if we can sell them

It has been more than 20 years since we started to develop original products in Japan. The first one was "Natural Green". Its material is barley grass, which is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Fresh barley grass is processed by the old-fashion way; squeeze and grind, and be stored into a small portable package for your convenience. As a result of pursuing a product which we want to drink by ourselves, our "Natural Green" became very popular across the country.


Since then, whenever we start a product development project, we keep asking ourselves, “Do we really want this product for ourselves?” “Do we really like this product from the bottom of our heart?”. That is our standard of product development.

PurityHarvest was born for the United States

Based on years of experiences in Japan, PurityHarvest was born for you in the United States, to help maintain your health and making your life more enjoyable. Our supplements are all food-based and don't contain any chemically-extracted ingredients. Our standard for a product development remains as it is. We only make what we really want for ourselves.

Supporting your health is one of our milestones. Our mission is to improve a quality of your life by enhancing your health. Challenging at any life stage, pursuing your dream and passion, sharing laugher with loved ones...your health can make these all possible. We want you to have a brighter and long-lasting life. That is our sincere wish.